Generative Print: Infinite Arches

1 of 1 of Infinite Door Of Possibilities

For September the Generative Print is called… Infinite Arches. In these “unpresented times” I’ve been thinking lot about the infinite possibilities and doors that are open for each of us. I feel as though everyone I know is rethinking their life in some way or other and its super exciting to see people make changes that will hopefully make them happier. I wanted to capture that feeling in this print.

Here’s a time-lapse of the printing process on TikTok and a Twitter thread detailing the how the Graphic was made:

This Month’s Stamp

From the USPS website:

The U.S. Postal Service celebrates the enduring legacy of Western wear with four fun new Forever® stamps. Inspired by the clothing and gear used by working ranchers and reimagined in fun and fanciful ways, the garments and accessories of the West comprise a unique American fashion style.

They’re already in the mail! So keep an eye out

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P.S. - When is a door not a door? When its a jar 🥁

P.P.S - We’re going to continue talking about Tiles and Mosaics next week