Generative Print: Wavy Circles

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Per my last email (blog post), I’m experimenting with Generative Prints for Patreon Members. For August the first Generative Print is called…Wavy Circles. Using Sin Wave math each attribute smoothly moves between a minimum and a maximum

Generative Attributes:

  • Number of Circles

  • The starting position of the circles on the Big Wave

  • The starting size of the circles

  • Number of Waves that the size of the Circles completes

Combining a number of different sin waves creates a natural effect where the circles shrink and grow in as you move across the wave. Printing these was really fun and I even made a time-lapse of the process: TikTok.

A few of my favorite Prints

This Month’s Stamp

From the USPS website:

Best known for his architectural paintings and lithographs, Emilio Sanchez (1921–1999) explored the effects of light and shadow to emphasize the abstract geometry of his subjects. His artwork encompasses his Cuban heritage as well as his long life in New York City.

They’ll in the mail soon! So keep an eye out


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