Generative Prints and the idea of "1 of 1 of X"

Adding uniqueness to the Patreon rewards

So a Patreon member sent me the above photo of their July Postcard. It’s ruined. Turns out that the journey of some prints make is more difficult than others. Now. My first thought was “Oh no! Don’t worry I can replace it because I have numerous copies of each postcard”. But over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about my prints in general. Specifically, what makes them special or valuable.

When creating prints for Patreon there is a balance that I try to strike. The design has to look good but at the same time be “simple” enough that plotting it won’t take hours. As the number of Patrons grows (become one below 😉) the amount of time creating these prints can grow out of hand without that constraint. I typically spend about a hour or two creating each month’s prints currently but overtime this can become unsustainable. I feel as though I have a rhythm now for creating these simplistic plotter graphics and even have a backlog that could suffice for the rest of the year. And that’s kind of boring to me.

The Patreon was originally intended to cover the costs of my artistic process. It was a way to have a recurring revenue stream that I can depend on as I start to experiment and figure this out. But I’ve been questioning what else it could be? How can I more tightly couple it to my artistic process and use it not just to sustain my practice financially but to push the process further.

I recently learned about the term “1 of 1 of X”. It comes from Art Blocks, a market place for purchasing Generative Designed NFTs. The term is meant to highlight the fact that with Generative Art you have the ability to infinitely reproduce art that is bespoke and 1 of a kind. It’s uniqueness at scale with each piece being a glimpse into a larger system of possibility. I’ve written about Generative Art and Creative Coding Algorithms previously, and I think this is the direction that I want to take the Patreon prints. Creating Generative Prints and mailing each one of you a unique “1 of 1 of X” print.

So I’ve updated the Patreon to account for this. As with all things here, it’s an experimentation and in two months I might Pivot to something else. But for now I’m excited about this change. Stay tuned for next week’s email where I’ll talk about the first Generative Print!

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P.S - I got two more stamps!