Lots of "Elsewhere..."

Or, how mello over-booked/over-committed himself during shot-girl summer

Yall! I’ve inadvertently booked my June to capacity project wise. Currently, I am scheduled to prepare and give a talk, potentially build a website for a client and potentially write another article for the Increment. 🤞🏿🤞🏿🤞🏿 for the last two. And of course I’ll share more details if things come to fruition. But as a result I might have to dwindle how much new software I write for Good Graphics. To that end, here’s a grab bag of things I’ve been working on this week:


I made a links page for the Good Graphic social networks. The page uses skeumorphism to resemble the linktree or carrd pages that exist in almost every social media bio already. Skeuomorphism is the idea of copying the design of another idea/object to make it easier for users to understand your new thing. So, think the trash and folder icons on your computer. Either way it looks nice and I’m happy with it.

“Redesign” of the Research Pages

I moved all of the current Good Graphics Research from Observable Notebooks to Notion pages. The design of Notion is dramatically more readable and each post also gets a cool little header

Speaking of “click to tweet”

I didn’t send the last newsletter out because I published it near 2am. Felt rude to spam y’all that late. Here’s the original tweet:

It’s a cool little experiment and really opens up the possibilities for novel Computer Interactions. I’ve already thought of so many ways to improve upon this concept and can’t wait to find time to build them out.

Speaking of @goodgraphicsxyz twitter account

The bot is humming along. The logic behind it is “every x hours tweet a random graphic”. Unfortunately “randomness” to computers is just a computation so its lead to the same few graphics being repeatedly chosen. It’s not the biggest problem but definitely on my list of things to fix next week.

Lastly, I love the incrementalism of software.

For instance I added a “Go Home” link to the 404. It was a small change but really highlights that this project is constantly evolving and getting better. It’s a house that I’m slowly decorating and moving furniture around.

Thanks for stopping by.

your lovely host,