More creative coding frameworks please!!!

So a new creative coding tool just dropped called, Mechanic

It’s creators are Design Systems International who’s co-founder, Rune Madison, is someone I’ve been following for some time. Rune used to work at The New York Times and his course Programming Design Systems and library Rune.js have had an influence on some of my thinking here.

I think that generally design tools have stagnated and even modern tools like Figma are just recreating old metaphors that were introduced and popularized by Photoshop and the like. What I’ve found in the creative coding community is the willingness to build your own tools and workflows but these are usually bespoke and highly customized. What is interesting about Mechanic is that it sits in the middle ground where there is an opinion around how to structure your code, called Design functions, but it’s minimal and allows you to create a wide variety of works. Bonus points that the code and config structure for a Design function matches the type of thing I’ve already been doing in Garnet and the Good Graphics codebases.

I’m excited for a future where we have more design tool frameworks like this and will update you if I decide to jump ship and fully invest on one. But as always the issue with choosing tools for me in one of ownership.


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So yeah, someone is having fun with click to tweet and pressing it alot. Going to keep watch for a few more days before stepping in and updating how frequently it will work.


I have a “library” now! It’s just a collection of various writing and publishing projects I’ve been doing. I plan on doing something with them in the future but I’m just capturing it all in one place for now


P.S. - Should I buy a .design domain?