Postcards are in the mail 📫

A simple update

I tried to write 3 different ideas and am giving up for this issue. They’re all drafted though so I’ll pick one and hunker down this week on one of them. Anyways, July’s 1st Postcards are going out in the AM. Sorry for the delay here


  • I redid I’ve realized that text isn’t bad and brevity doesn’t add the “coolness” or mystique” effects that I think it does. So I added descriptions and links to all of the different works in the hopes of giving people a better understanding of what I do and who I am. It also honors this work and presents it in a better way than “Here are some links. Figure it all out yourself”

  • I got my first tattoo! It’s the last photo in this insta post. It’s a depiction of the Earth and Moon and honestly I love the minimalism. Tann, the tattooer is also a bad ass and is doing amazing work to de-colonize tattooing. Would recommend following them.

Thats it. Its 15 past midnight. See you Saturday! ( 🤞🏿 )


P.S. - Yeah this one was late but I had a friend in town