Retreat + Art Fair = $ucce$$

the initial substack post!

Art Fai

Well…it depends on what you mean by success. The fair was pretty dead. Not a lot of people were there and I only sold one print. But, the successful part was the act of selling. I hadn’t tabled at an event in years and it confirmed that this is a something that I would like to continue doing as I make art. Talking to people about how the prints were made and seeing which ones they gravitated towards was really nice 😊


Lots of code was written:

From a high level heres what I did:

  • Refreshed the home page to emphasize the experiments and social channels.

  • Standardized the configuration information for each graphic

  • Standardized the experiment UI (what you see on apps like Aubs and Palette)

  • Palette, the first iteration of a new tool for helping choose color palettes.

  • Twitter Bot, the first iteration at creating a twitter bot that spits out graphics every few hours.

  • Easel, an internal tool I have for creating Graphics. Really invested alot of time in building it out so that I can start to build more ambitious Graphics

I didn’t finish everything I wanted to, but spent a lot of time conceptually thinking about Good Graphics. From a non-code standpoint though, I switched over from Patreon to Substack, stood up some other social channels and started on a few research posts. The new research posts should be on the site in the coming days.

In Conclusion

Today Good Graphics is just a hobby/experiment but I’m starting to piece together how this could one day be a studio/company/startup. It feels weird sitting in this ambiguity but I’m really enjoying slowly building out a thesis for my work.

As always,