Slowed + Reverb: Music to Plot to

A Pen Plotter Playlist

So, the other day I spent a couple hours plotting. I needed to print 2-3 copies of every Pen Plotter print in order to take new product photos for the shop. But, have you ever wondered what I plot to?

I’ve written about music before and the places that you can still find musical experimentation and new sounds: mello on, music. (Aside: Note that stylized lowercase writing style. Real Hot Girl Shit). But I wanted share a genre that usually helps me focus and has become my go-to to get work done. Where lo-fi at times blends into muzak-ish background noise and where regular music can break my concentration, slowed+reverb music is the middle ground. The songs are slower. The tempo constant. And overall you can just feel the music deeper. Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve heard the regular version, there is always a new something new that catches the ear. I love the feeling of re-experiencing a familiar sound and the space each note and instrument is given in their new found slowness.

Any who here are some of my current favs:


the shop photos turned out pretty good though 😊


New version with a svg.empty() function for emptying a graphic’s contents. Ran across this issue last week and had to officially support it now.

Gatsby Library

A new mini project by me, mostly for me, but also for you if you’re interested. Trying to see if I can have fun again on the socials aside from the usual cycle of continuously posting content.

Following up on Voronoi's Monsters

Send me your pictures if you colored your print in! Would love to see it 😀

Till Next Time!


P.S. - No, I’m not just being lazy and repurposing an idea from my previous newsletter

P.P.S -

no one:

me listening to these songs: