Tiles and Mosaics

That whole “whole is bigger than the sum of its parts” thing

So I’ve been posting through it over on Twitter working through and iterating on a new algorithm/concept:

The basic idea is that you take an existing Graphic, a Tile, and lay it down in a grid, a Mosaic. It was inspired by this video:

Seeing the detail in such a small tile and imaging how a group of them would compose into a really cool picture/pattern/Graphic. So I’ve been making a lot of simple graphics that can act like Tiles. Here are some of my favorite that I’ve made recently:

Next week lets see how these are being used to make mosaics and the “long tail”-ness of an algorithm like this.


Insta Grid

And speaking of how small items build up to create a large effect or vibe. I’ve been playing around with the 3 post format on Instagram. To generate Graphics based on a specific color palette I’m using a gallery/palette tool I’ve built:

Similar to what I said about the Patreon work, I want each part of my practice to challenge me and help me get better at art. Playing around with the grid seems like a way to make Instagram fun while also building my “aesthetic” so I guess it’s a feed two birds with one scone situation 🥁. We’ll see how long this lasts though, I kinda hate having to post 3 photos at a time to maintain the look. It feels spammy

Patreon Preview

Next next week I’ll be writing about the next generative design print for Patreon Members. I’ve been experimenting with it this week. Here’s a sneak peak:

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